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Structural Analysis


Structural Analysis

12th of Sep 2019

Structural justification is fundamental to the certification of aircraft modifications. We use a variety of techniques for structural justification, depending on the application. These include:

  • Classical analysis (hand calculations)
  • Computational methods (finite element analysis – Ansys)
  • Structural testing
  • Fatigue testing

Analysis frequently provides an economical alternative to full-scale structural testing.
We are skilled in the design and analysis of traditional Aluminium alloy structures, as well as more sophisticated materials and processes such as metal to metal bonding, carbon, Kevlar, and glass fibre reinforced composites.
Our experience extends from the classical analysis of skin repairs and stringer splices, to complex analyses such as propeller whirl mode and wing flutter.
We are also proficient in finite element analysis, in which a calibrated computer model of the structure permits a more detailed analysis, where classical analysis would be otherwise impractical.
Structural testing is often used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with finite element analysis, to verify the conditions and models used in the analysis.

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