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Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis


Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis

12th of Sep 2019

Auto Avia Design conducts a technical assessment for all modifications to aircraft structure subject to damage-tolerant design requirements. Our experience includes:

  • Boeing 767
  • Bombardier DHC-8

We provide a variety of fatigue related services including life extension investigations, ongoing fatigue monitoring and technical assessments. Our Turbo Commander life extension program demonstrates the significant experience in fatigue analysis available at Auto Avia Design.
Major fatigue-related design projects include:

  • Twin Commander – Aerocommander 690, 690A AD/AC/64 Cabin Life Extension
  • Chieftain Navajo AD/PA-31/37 Wing Life Extension
  • Chieftain Navajo Elevator Spar Exemption AD/PA-31/126 Amdt 3
  • Shorts Belfast (SC-5) Wing and Fuselage Fatigue Monitoring

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