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11th of Sep 2019

Auto Avia Design can provide Certification per CASR Part 21M for repairs and modifications in the following disciplines on any category of aircraft type.

  • Flight analyst
  • Structures
  • Systems and equipment (Electrical)
  • Systems and equipment (Instrument)
  • Systems and equipment (Mechanical)
  • Systems and equipment (Radio)

CASR21J approval application is currently underway.

Major Modifications
The development of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and Australian Parts Manufacture Approval (AMPA) data packages is part of our core business.

Minor Modifications
We can approve modifications to primary structure, avionics or systems for any aircraft on the Australian civil register under CASR Part 21M .

Modifications to Foreign-Registered Aircraft
We frequently produce repairs and modifications for foreign registered aircraft. Certification of these modifications is via National Airworthiness Authority (NAA) STC or equivalent approval. Our high documentation standards and close working relationships with several NAA means that approvals for modification data packages are expedient and cost-effective.

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