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Aerial Imaging


Aerial Imaging

12th of Sep 2019

Auto Avia Design has developed numerous installation data packages for camera and survey instruments in pressurised and non-pressurised aircraft.

We recognise our client’s needs, thus we apply the following design criteria to all aerial photography modifications:

  • Rigidity: To ensure image quality, mounting systems must prevent any unintended movement of the photographic equipment during operation
  • Mounting Compatibility: Aerial imaging aircraft are typically multi-role and require the ability to adapt to a variety of imaging/scientific equipment. Mounts should be compatible with new technology as well as older photographic equipment.
  • Ease of Operation / Location – The photographic equipment must be located to minimise vibration and pitch/roll/yaw movements. The location must also take into account accessibility, and any required structural modifications or control re-routing.

Common aerial imaging platforms are:

  • Cessna 414 (pressurised)
  • Beech Kingair
  • Cessna 402
  • Piper PA-31

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