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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

12th of Sep 2019

Auto Avia Design has developed numerous Emergency Medical Service installation packages for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
These installations typically comprise:

  • Stretcher Base
  • Stretcher Bridge – onto which medical equipment such as Oxylogs, Propac, Syringe Drivers are mounted
  • Oxygen system – with provision for up to four D-size oxygen bottles
  • Wet floor / Interior protection
  • Associated avionics – such as satellite phones, homing systems
  • External Hoist
  • Search Light

Auto Avia Design liaises with pilots, maintenance and emergency medical personnel during the development of EMS packages, to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the installation.
A variety of EMS packages currently exist for many aircraft types, including:

  • Cessna Citation 560 – Long Range Critical Patient Retrieval
  • IAI Westwind 1124 – Long Range Critical Patient Retrieval (including neonatal and paediatric transport)
  • Raytheon Hawker 800 XP – Long Range Critical Patient Retrieval
  • Piper PA31-350 – Medium Range Non-critical Patient Transport
  • MBB/Kawasaki BK117 – Patient Rescue and Transport (including neonatal and paediatric transport)
  • Eurocopter AS365 – Patient Rescue and Transport
  • Boeing 747 – Patient Transport (including neonatal and paediatric transport)
  • Beechcraft B200, B300 – Critical Patient (including neonatal and paediatric transport)

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