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Flight Testing


Flight Testing

12th of Sep 2019

When an aircraft modification results in a significant external protuberance (FLIR installations, geosurvey booms, pods), typically flight testing is required to investigate the effect on aircraft performance and handling. Another common flight test task is systems function evaluation and electromagnetic interference/compatibility (EMI/EMC) clearance.

Auto Avia Design performs a significant amount of flight testing for both Normal and Transport Category aircraft, ranging from single piston engine aircraft, to turboprop agricultural aircraft and transport category aircraft such as the Lear 35. The largest aircraft to be subject to a comprehensive Auto Avia Design flight test program is the DC-8.
Auto Avia Design staff are experienced in flying fixed wing aircraft, giving us a practical foundation when developing flight-test programs. We have an intimate understanding of the special requirements required to flight test small to medium fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Test Pilots
Our preferred fixed-wing test pilot has extensive experience flying military jets for both the Australian and U.S. Air Forces and attended the Empire Test Pilot School.
For most rotorcraft flight testing the services of a professional helicopter test pilot are employed.
Auto Avia Design has performed countless hours of flight testing on a wide variety of aircraft, some of which include:

Rotary WingFixed Wing
Kawasaki – BK117 seriesGates – Learjet 35/36
Eurocopter – AS350, AS365Raytheon / Beech – Kingair (200, B200, B300 and B350)
Sikorsky – S76Piper – Chieftain (PA-31-350)
Bell – 206Fairchild Metroliner – (SA226/227)
McDonnell Douglas – 520N NotarMil – MI-8
Cessna – C208

McDonnell Douglas – 520N Notar
The certification of the Aprilia floats on the McDonnell Douglas 520N Notar involved an evaluation flight test to establish stability and handling characteristics. The flight test program evaluated the longitudinal / lateral stability and handling throughout the aircraft’s flight envelope.

Lear 35 / 36 Generic Threat Simulator
The Lear35 was equipped with Auto Avia Design/Vision Abell Generic threat simulator, during the flight test program the wing was instrumented with accelerometers to monitor wing flutter damping and the possible approach of a critical flutter speed. The effect on aircraft performance including climb decrement and VMCA was also investigated.

De Havilland DHC-6 EGPWS
Flight Testing was performed as part of the Honeywell © MK VI EGPWS installation on the DHC-6 Twin Otter. Shown below is an example of our data capture capabilities, the graph shows Barometric Altitude, Radar Altitude, Terrain Elevation and Roll angle as a function of time.

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