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Auto Avia Design provides a full range of aeronautical engineering services including, but not limited to, the following:

1. - Certification
2. - Airline Support
3. - OEM Support
4. - Structural
5. - Aerodynamics
6. - Avionics / Electrical
7. - Fatigue Evaluation and Monitoring
8. - Testing
9. - Type Certificate Support
10. - Military / Defence
11. - CAD /CAM
11. - Cinematography
12. - Agricultural

Select, from the drop drop menu, each category to learn more about what Autoavia Design can do for you!

We utilise, where required, sophisticated computer software including CAD/CAM, FEA and CFD to ensure optimised, cost effective and efficient solutions to your engineering problem.

A major focus of our operations is to provide rapid response support to airline operations. We understand that the airlines operate in an environment were downtime and delays must be minimised. For over ten years we have provided engineering support to airlines including QantasLINK, Regional Express and Air New Zealand.

Repair and modification procedures specified by Auto Avia Design utilise the equipment and procedures available to the operator. Auto Avia Design has gained a reputation for, and prides itself on providing practical, cost effective, reliable designs which work first time every time!

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