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Through our provision of design services, Auto Avia have developed various 'off the shelf' solutions that now available. Shown below is a selection of the most significant of these, contact AAD if you wish to inquire inquire further:-

1. DHC-6-200/300 EGPWS and MFD Installation
2. S76 Sliding Door
3. BK117 Right Hand Side Hoist
4. BK117 Rotating Co-Pilot Seat
5. BK 117 Cargo Hook
6. FU24 Allied Signal TPE731 Installation (Stallion Conversion)
7. AT301/302 Allied Signal TPE731 Installation
8. Cargo Installations
9. PC12 Engine Fire bottle installation
10. PA31 Elevator spar modification (Alternate compliance to FAA AD #)

Many other solutions are available, with advantages such as low lead time and known costs, many benefit are available to the customer via our proven operational designs, please inquire for further information.

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